Who is 92 Plates?

Uhmmm, how do I write these things? Hello would be a good start I guess.

So, I am 92 Plates, my real name is Jim, from the rolling hills of Somerset, England 🐮. There is two sides to my work, product & food photography and mixed media photographer artist.

I used to travel a lot for work, taking photos of my travels and creating some great memories, but then the big old COVID came and stuck us all to our homes. I got bored, very very bored, and had a really big itch to pick up my camera, so, I posted on a local facebook page if any businesses were in need of any photography. Soon I had some local food and product businesses reach out , and BAM, my love for food photography was born.

Photography has been my passion for the best part of a decade, and over this time I have homed in on my style and what I want to portray in my photography.

As you will see my style is minimalist, I like to really let the product or food take the stage without being overwhelmed by other props and items. Showing off the product or food for the beauty that it is.

But, my work does not stop there, if it is a food or product event that you are having and you need a photographer to capture the spirit and vibe of the event, then look no further, this guy is the one that you need to book! If you want to see more take a look at my portfolio of clients and the work I have done for them 📸

What about the art I hear you cry, that is actually a quick story. Over the past few years I have dived further and further into the art world, I have reignited my love for pop art and street art and that is what I want to bring to my work.

I want to bring my love for pop art and my love for photography together. Check out my art archive you may find something you want to add to your walls 😜