Essentials for Pizza

Here is a list of all the things that I believe is essential in making great Pizza. You don’t need a fancy stand mixer or an expensive pizza oven. You can do great things using your oven in your kitchen.

It doesn’t need to break the bank either, so below on each section I have included a link to a recommended product. These are either what I use or an equivalent to what I use.

Please note: The links are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through my link I earn a bit of commission, and, if you do, Thank you, it means the world to me as it helps to support the account and to bring amazing food and content to your screens.

Kitchen Scales

For consistency of creating great pizzas time and time again kitchen scales are going to be your best friend. Measure everything in grams, don’t measure in cups as you cant consistently get the same amount of flour in a cup.

Pizza Stone

For quick cooks and crispy crusts the pizza stone transfers heat from the oven directly to the pizza. Allow time for your stone to become saturated with heat in the oven and then boom, let’s make Pizza!

Pizza Peel

The pizza peel, so you got your pizza stone nice and hot in the oven, so how do I now get my pizza on to that stone? The humble pizza peel is your hero, launching your pizza into cooksville.

Dough cutter

Dough is very elastic when the gluten network gets going, this also means it sticks together really easily too! A dough cutter slices through dough easily, you can also use it to scrape the dough from the counter rather than pulling it with your hands

Caputo 00 Flour

Flour makes a difference when it comes to making your pizza. Do note that it depends on the type of pizza you are trying to make to the type of flour you are going to want to use. When it comes to Neapolitan style pizzas Caputo 00 Flour is one to be using. It creates a nice soft dough which creates a nice pizza crust.

It does come in at around £5 a kilo, so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative use a good bread flour and check that it has 13% protein (13g per 100g of flour).


No, we are not making that horrible grainy dessert. Now, semolina is not an ‘essential’ per se, you can flour the outside of your pizza dough (one main reason is so it does not stick to the peel). Semolina does exactly the same thing in preventing it from sticking to the peel, but, it also provides a nice crunch to dough and gives that extra depth of texture and flavour.

Caputo do their own semolina, but, cheaper versions work just as good like the Natco brand in the link below.